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How much does business animation cost?

The cost of animation can be complicated because of a variety of aspects such as animation style, complexity, character presence, digital 2D  animation, hand-drawn parts, visual effects (VFX), mixed media usage, and project deadlines, among others.

To manage these complexities, it is best to communicate directly with an animation company. This enables a full discussion of project requirements, allowing the studio to submit an initial price suited to the client's specific demands.

Our company has created three fixed explainer animation production packages to streamline and simplify the cost structure for corporate animation. In addition, we provide a recurring subscription option, which provides clients with a simple and predictable cost strategy for their ongoing animation needs. This strategy strives to increase openness and make the pricing process more accessible to potential customers.


Incorporating character animation into an animated video frequently results in a significant cost rise, owing to the time investment necessary. This is due to the requirement for different character designs, which necessitates numerous rounds of evaluation and changes. The following processes could include character rigging followed by animation, or a labor-intensive process of hand-drawn traditional animation performed by professional artists.

There are several cost-cutting options available, such as using static or minimally animated characters. These characters can be strategically positioned among scenes to enhance the content of the video. This method can be improved even further by incorporating on-screen typography, iconography, and extra motion graphics, which provide cost-effective solutions while still delivering an engaging visual narrative.

Complex concepts and insight:

The cost of animation is heavily dependent on the complexity of the project at hand. Consider a sophisticated 10-second animation with several scenarios, intricate 2d scenes, and complex characters, or painstakingly detailed hand-drawn animation. A 2-minute animated explainer, on the other hand, might use features such as iconography, typography, and selected stock video, along with a narration.

For example, the production of a complex animation, specifically one that requires output in multiple screen formats for social media, may incur larger expenditures than the creation of a simple, yet polished, explainer video.

Following that, we invite you to contact us with a brief description of your project, either for a quick price or to set up a Zoom/Teams meeting. This will enable a more in-depth discussion to better understand the specifics of your project and personalize our services accordingly.

This pricing plan provides an overview of our studio's price structure. When creating animation, there are numerous aspects to consider. These factors include length, format, intricacy, deadline, and character count (if applicable).

As with most pricing plans, this is merely a starting point. We are always delighted to provide customized prices depending on all available variables. So please get in touch with our studio right away.

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