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What types of specific business types might need an explainer video?

Explainer videos are the most effective marketing tool online today. Numerous examples exist where businesses have launched successful explainer videos on their home pages, social media pages, emails and presentations. Videos are very effective because they emotionally appeal and can be communicated more clearly. Videos have a higher retention period than other forms of advertisement.

What types of specific business types might need an explainer video? There are plenty of examples:

  • Technology – A video can encapsulate your solution in a brief segment that presents your solution for hardware, software, mobile apps or analytics in an entertaining and engaging manner.

  • Healthcare – Explainer videos can help simplify the complex discussions and points in the healthcare industry and help your potential patients or providers better understand the benefits of your medical services.

  • Education and e-learning – instructional videos have been around for some time, but with the whiteboard video concept there is a broader creative opportunity to train and educate based on your particular audience.

  • Consulting – presenting the value of your firm, the vision and misson, statistics, can be communicated through video in just a few short minutes. The impact can be lasting, leaving your message in the clients mind.

  • Retail – the advertising video is ripe for the retail market, allowing you to present your products and services straight to your target consumers in a lively format that attracts attention.

  • Wholesale – the entire supply chain from manufacturer to distributor and wholesaler can benefit from video. A lot of information can be communicated in just a few minutes using video, and for many in the supply chain, every minute counts.

Small businesses of all types can benefit from explainer videos. A restaurant can showcase their specials and offer a commission or coupon if the viewer clicks on a link after the video. A dentist office can display their kid-friendly atmosphere and make their video also interesting for children.

If you determine that your business is a good candidate for an explainer video, you should think about how to create the video. Some of the ways to make your video project easier include:

  • Find a partner – look for a company that has the experience to put together a quality video at an affordable price.

  • Consider ROI – the return on your investment can be successful with the right video animation company. Make sure you understand all of the benefits including more visitor traffic, higher quality leads, and more conversions for your business.

Explainer videos can help your business regardless of size or type of industry. Start thinking about your video options and start seeing the benefits today.

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