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What makes a killer explainer video script?

Would you like your animated marketing video to be highly attractive, engaging, and ultimately, get your potential audience hooked? Then focus on developing an explainer video script that is highly persuasive, straightforward, and compelling. How can you get to that point?

What steps do you take in other to have such an explainer video script?

Today we are going to talk about those steps and how to develop a good explainer video script. Join us

Come on, grab your scuba gear. Let’s dive into some helpful tips on how to get to a highly persuasive, straightforward, and compelling one! Here we go!

1) Make use of a creative brief

A creative brief is nothing more than a questionnaire designed to help you get a better understanding of a few general aspects and goals for your animated video.

It includes questions about the product, service, message, call to action.

There’s no set number of questions for every project, but more information and understanding will be great from an extensive questionnaire. That said, here are a few crucial questions that no explainer video creative brief can do without.

  • What will be the central ideal of your explainer video?

  • What are the key benefits of your message, product, or service?

  • What makes your product or message unique?

  • What elements make up a brand?

  • What is the call to action after watching the video?

Animated explainer videos, Can be tailored to accomplish several different goals. It’s often a great idea to start your production process by filling up a creative brief around it.

2) Focus on your target audience

It is imperative to know your target audience Before developing your marketing video script. You have to get to that point. So, before writing down the explainer video script, try to answer these questions:

  • What does your audience like?

  • The age group of your audience?

  • Their locations?

  • Their occupation?

  • Style?

  • What places do they usually visit?

  • Any other information that might be helpful to define them.

This information will help you develop a customized video explainer script according to their characteristics and expectations.

Take the time you need to define and develop your buyer persona profile: this is a critical step that you have to take and would be your guiding light throughout the whole video production script-writing process. This is important as it helps craft your characters during the design

(the storyboard). Also, because it will show a specific personality and mood. And, what’s more important, if the viewers feel represented by those characters, you will grow trust and empathy towards your brand. Results? More conversions and sales.

3) The classic script structure

It's imperative that you follow the classical narrative structure

When writing down your animated marketing video script. Basically having a beginning, middle, and end. This makes your script much more engaging, coherent, and memorable. Following this structure will also make it easier for you to write it down.

In script-writing for explainer videos, these 3 steps below remain quite similar, but we call it something different:

i) What Problems you solve.

First, start by explaining to your audience what problem your company solves. This will generate instant interest and will encourage them to watch the video all the way through. Remember not to name or show your brand yet. At this stage of the video explainer script, you have to focus on your target audience’s problem.

II) How you intend to solve those problems.

You have to let your viewers know how your product can address their specific problem. This part usually starts when the brand logo shows up or when the brand is mentioned.

iii) Why your way is unique.

This is the time to explain to your audience why they should pick you out, instead of one of your competitors. Describe your product features and main advantages. It’s definitely the most “sales” part of the video explainer script. It’s your big chance to persuade them about why your product is unique from the others in the market.

4)The Story!

Your animated explainer video will live or die depending on how you tell your story, in the early stages of your script.

Create characters, and make sure your characters reflect your target audience!

Then, ad a story concept or situation they can find relatable, and that allows your product or message to shine.

Finally, add emotion. A good sense of humor makes your story a more personal or heartwarming video approach to great success.

5)Consistent tone and appropriate language

Language plays a crucial role in this as well. If your video is meant to primarily target a younger audience, your language should probably be less formal and more casual. If, on the other hand, you expect your video to appeal to a highly technical audience, allow yourself to include speech and terminology they’d find familiar and relatable.

By doing so, you are not only tailoring your content to the right audience but also increasing its potential appeal.

6)Resist the temptation

The more focused you can keep your video, the more powerful and effective your message will be

As you work on your explainer’s script, you’ll be tempted to provide as much detail or include different ways in which your product can help viewers – resist the temptation!

It's easier to keep viewers engaged that way.

Remember, explainers aren’t meant to be long-winded lists of features or descriptions, but optimized narratives that convey your message in an interesting and compelling way.

7)Visuals and Sound Design!

Sounds weird, I know, but here’s the thing: as you work on your script, you’ll invariably start visualizing and getting ideas of how certain scenes will accompany certain parts of your script. These ideas shouldn’t be left to the wayside or to be tended to later, in hopes you’ll remember all of them!

Make ample use of your word-processor of choice comment tool, and start adding notes to your script about certain visuals and sound cues that come to mind as you write your script. It’s very likely that most of these won’t make it to the final product as-is, but they will most definitively help inform your creative process and nurture other ideas later down the line in the production process.

8) Make it short

There is a deep connection between video length and engagement. Your big challenge is taking the most time to deliver your key messages while keeping your viewers hooked. Up to 2 minutes, you’re on the right track. Based on our experience in script-writing for explainer videos, we recommend that the optimal length for an animated marketing video is 90 seconds.

You might be asking yourself: “how do I know then how long my video script should be?” Well, we can say that 160 written words represent one minute of audiovisual content. Then, if you aim for making a 90-second video you will then need 240 written words for your video explainer script. Simple!

9) Get straight to the point

Our attention span has fallen to 8 seconds. So you have to be very straightforward and compelling when communicating your message. Keep your video explainer script simple then! Don’t try to explain everything in one single 90-second video. You will then have the chance to complement that first information with other content (sales calls, blog articles, and more). Just try to identify what is important to include in your video and what should be left out.

10) Call To Action

Finally, it’s vital that you lead your viewers in the direction you want, after watching the video (whether it is downloading a free eBook, filling out a form, sharing it on social media platforms, or anything else). So include a clear, simple, and irresistible call to action to help them understand what you expect from them.

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An explainer video script is one of the most important elements during the video production process. Writing it down is not a minor thing at all: it requires dedication, focus, and the ability to make it highly engaging, attractive, and memorable. In today’s blog post, we have revealed some secrets to get to an incredible animated marketing video script that assures the best marketing results.

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