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10 Emerging Animation & Motion Design Trends in 2022

Let us look at the emerging animation trends in 2022 motion design. We dive into scientific research and everything in between. Please sit back and learn as this might come n handy to you and to agencies, studios, companies, contractors, freelancers, agents, sound engineers, film crews, 3d artists, editors, and anyone else involved in creating unique digital content.

Motion Design Trends 2022 to Amaze your Viewer

Find out the top ten most fantastic animation and motion graphics trends that you better deploy in your project to power and impact design for business this year.

  • 3D

3D opens up new doors for displaying your stories and scenes that would be nearly impossible to achieve otherwise. 3D in commercials and explainer videos have allowed companies to promote their products in a better and more engaging way.

  • VR

Virtual reality has dramatically grown from an ambitious game-centric fantasy to a real production environment used by many corporations and organizations around the world.

  • A Mix of 2D & 3D

From small commercials to big-budget projects, the use of 2D and 3D to create and produce stunning visuals has become a new wave for projects. This results in an opportunity to offer your video viewers many innovative and interesting experiences especially in digital commercials and marketing.

  • GIFs

Gifs have always been a great way to engage customers and share ideas. Due to their small scale and wide availability GIFs, can be even more used by companies that want to market themselves in the digital space and start really simple or a trend.

  • Animated Logos

Animated logos, are able to drag the attention of users, also allow users to recorgnise brands. Set of animated Google logos, pixar studio is a good example.

  • Retro Graphics

Retro is a completely different style as compared to modern design. They have been popular in 2020 and Retro effects in motion look cool, and are able to attract a much larger audience than expected.

  • Morphing

This Video effect has been used for a while now and If you seek an engaging way to connect different ideas or make a smooth transition from one concept, object or figure to another, consider morphing. Converting images and shapes helps you show more in less time.

  • Kinetic Typography

Typography is the holy grail of graphic design because it is only necessary to choose the right font and go ahead with incredible broken texts. Lately, we’ve seen more and more designers from the likes of Texteam Animations push the boundaries of animated typography utilizing stretching, twisting, and even reshaping text in all directions, often forming near-3D letter structures!

  • Smooth transitions

Seamless and smooth transitions are one of the 2022 motion graphics trends. In 2022, all the motion designers are more likely to bring this sleek technique to life with a more modern approach. The lack of clear transitions between animation scenes makes the video real smooth, and the sets subtly blend. Check out Texteam Animations sample.


If you’ve run out of incredible ideas for your next video production projects this motion design 2022 trends list may just come in handy. They will help to breathe life into your video projects and drive users engagement. Attention to design details and trends is an improtant part of a designer’s job. A significant part of great animation design is always pleasant colors, fonts, smooth transition and effects, etc. Feel free to consult professionals on whether apply any trend in your design.

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