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The right partner for your animated explainer video needs


Fast Turnaround

Unlimited Revisions

Sales-focused explainer videos that convey your message and don't cost you at all.

Texteams specializes in creating the perfect videos. Videos to convey, educate, and promote your brand and values with simplicity and clarity. 

Creating animated explainer videos that help your business and services grow.



Texteam animation specializes in Animated explainer Videos, Whiteboard animated videos, Motion Graphics Videos, and Minimalist kinetic typography of any style and pace. We make animated video creation easy and the final product is Engaging, Amazing, Effective, and Informative. They are great for highlighting important points, and they convert viewers into customers. The main aim is to provide a unique design solution to your business or service's an advertising and marketing goals.

From development to production, We are here to transmit your ideas into a stunning visual representation for your audience. Explore, see all we offer, and get in touch for more information.
Our famous offer is the 30-sec animated video which starts from $297.

What We Offer

Texteam Animation is a studio that is set up to meet your video needs. We offer an experienced team of Animators, Illustrators, Voice-over artists, scriptwriters, and marketers. Texteam animations provide high-quality animated explainer video services to esteemed clients.

Workflows That Work

Once your order details and questionnaire about your next video have been received, we will start working on your order immediately. 

All-In-One Solution

We provide a studio with experience Animators, Illustrators, Voice-over artists, scriptwriters, and marketers making sure your video has the same and a unique feel and message.

Comprehensive Customer Support

We work on your video, with constant communication until you're 100% happy with a perfect video, carefully tailored to your needs.

Smart Automation Tools

with a library of pre-made images and about 28,000 different objects, characters, shapes, backgrounds, and other elements. the secret is that we don’t need to draw them every time, for every video - we tailor a custom explainer video animation for you using pre-drawn elements.

The Journey

Built for Creatives, by Creatives

We understand the leap of faith it takes to hire a new creative partner. That’s why we take the uncertainty out of the creative process. How? By prototyping, testing, and making use of the right expertise and trends in every aspect of your video.

Your video is created by an experienced team of animators and marketers and consists of 50% of innovative, advanced animation technologies and 50% of the latest marketing (persuasion) techniques. From messaging to design – so you can feel confident that your video will succeed.


Fast Turnaround

Unlimited Revisions

How does it work?

Our Online procedure is very simple, just follow the steps below and we will start working for you immediately

Step 1: Fill out the Questionnaire

First, we would love you to visit our pricing page by clicking the get started button. Choose your desired package i.e Basic package, Standard package, Extended package, or Pro package. Then fill out the brief questionnaire.

Step 3: Script and Animation

Next, we write a script for your short animated movie. We will try to make it as easy to understand as possible. You may ask us to include characters in the video to make the story even more compelling. Once you approved the script, our experts start creating the story scene by scene on a special board. It will become the base for thousands of illustrations crafted by our graphic designers. After that, we carefully connect the story, visuals, and sound into an exciting animated video.

Step 2: briefing via Zoom meeting

The second stage implies briefing via Zoom, Google Meet, or any other way comfortable for you. In the beginning, we ask you to tell us more about how your business functions. The key questions refer to your target audience and the problem you need to solve with an explainer video. We discuss then the genre, visuals, deadline, and other details. These factors impact the video production cost and turnaround time.

Step 4: Order Delivery

After we complete your order we will deliver it to your email address or any appropriate way and format required. i.e Dropbox, Google Drive, and Mp4, MOV. look forward to hearing your feedback. We can do as many revisions as needed to address all your requirements and business goals.

Book your free consultation today

30 min

Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

We appreciate your interest in Texteam Animations.

Please book a time for us to discuss how video can help accelerate your sales and marketing pipeline.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ways video can support your business:

  • Marketing Campaign

  • Product Launch

  • Social Engagement

  • Brand Story

  • Employee Onboarding

  • Talent Acquisition Strategy

  • Training and Implementation of Products and Services

  • Customer Explainer videos


During our Zoom Meet session (It's okay to switch the video off if you prefer), our Founder & Creative Director Godwin Macphaline will answer any questions you might have about the process and provide his initial thoughts in terms of the overall approach, length, style, etc. He’s been known to give some highly-effective free branding and marketing advice during these consultations, so it’s worth your time 🙂

In order to optimize our time together, consider completing our below. No worries if you’re busy though…it’s 100% optional for this initial discussion.

Explore Our Pricing Options

First, we will love you to visit our pricing page by clicking on the get started button. Choose your desired plan i.e Basic package, Standard package, Extended package, Pro package. Then place your order.

Standard Package



Custom-made 30-second explainer video 50%OFF One-time.


30-second custom animation


75-words persuasive script


Convincing voiceover (more than 15 artists available)


Engaging background music


Rocket-fast 7-day delivery


Unlimited changes (WOW!)


Ready-to-use 1080p mp4 file


Lifetime Project Storage

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Videos to convey, educate, and promote your brand and values with simplicity and clarity!